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General Rules


  1. Students can avail only two leaves in a month, except in extra ordinary circumstances, where leave will be sanctioned by the Principal.
  2. Half day leave is not allowed.
  3. Leave application must be signed by the parent/guardian of the applicant.
  4. In case of sick leave the application must be accompanied with a medical certificate issued by a qualified doctor.
  5. Leave for special functions / occasions must be got sanctioned by the principal prior to the occasion.
  6. If a student remains absent from school for six days consecutively without any sanctioned leave, hi/her name will be struck off from the school rolls.


For Promotion to next class the following weightage is given: 

Term I and Term II (with Periodic tests, Notebook, Subject Enrichment and Term Exams)

  1. Students are required to reach the examination room 15 minutes prior to the schedule time.
  2. Students are required to be in full school uniform.
  3. No leave is allowed during examination days.
  4. No retest/re-exam is conducted if a student misses paper/papers.
  5. Date Sheet along with the date of declaration of result is displayed on the notice board prior to the test/exam.
  6. Results are given to parents on P.T. meet mentioned against exam/unit test.
  7. All answer sheets are shown to students in classes only before P.T. meet.
  8. Carrying of study material/cell phones/written slips will amount to constitute unfair means case. Strict action will be taken in such cases.
  9. Result will be withheld if school dues are outstanding.
  10. Calculator and Borrowing of material (Pens, Scale, etc.) during examination is not allowed.


  1. Each student is issued an Identity Card. He/She is required to carry this card at all times.
  2. Attendance at Morning Prayer Assembly is compulsory for all students.
  3. Students must come in time and in proper uniform. Students not coming to school in proper uniform will not be allowed to attend the school. Fine will be imposed in addition.
  4. Mobile phones are banned in the school. Violation of the same could lead to confiscation of mobile phone / imposition of heavy fine.
  5. Wearing of jewelry is not permitted.
  6. Silence should be maintained in the school corridors during the change of periods.
  7. Students are expected to show proper courtesy to their teachers and the employees of the school and also be polite to one another.
  8. Any damage done to the school furniture or property will have to be made good by the defaulters.
  9. Any student leaving the school during school hours will be fined heavily. Repeated missing of classes will render the student liable to expulsion.
  10. Students should keep the class rooms and school premises clean. They should not disfigure the walls, scatter bits of paper on the floor or indulge in objectionable practices.
  11. Only students having valid driving license are allowed to park their vehicles in school parking.
  12. Cycles / scooters should be placed properly locked in the sheds provided for them against token issued by the parking contractor.
  13. Any student guilty of indecent behavior, foul language in or outside the school premises will be severely dealt with. This may even lead to expulsion from the school.
  14. If the students need guidance/help with regard to any difficulty or problem, they should contact the Incharge, Discipline Committee or class Incharge.
  15. Students are required to co-operate with the members of Discipline Committee in maintaining discipline in the school.
  16. This prospectus is deemed to have been read, understood and held to be binding on all parents and guardians of the School pupils.


  1. Fee slips are to be filled in by parents/students with correct particulars of the student (Roll No. is essential) and the details of Currency, Notes and Coins befor tendering the same to the Cashier.
  2. All Fees are to be paid preferably by cheque favouring “The Principal PMLSD Public School”. Roll No. Name, Class & Phone No. must be written on the back of the cheque & dropped in the drop box available at Reception. Only local cheques will be accepted. In case of cheque bouncing, the fee will be accepted in cash only alongwith fine as applicable and administrative charges of Rs. 250/-
  3. A cumulative late fee of Rs. 25 per week will be levied if fees are not paid by the due dates.
  4. If the last date of the payment of the fees falls on a bank holiday, the next working day will be considered to be the due date.
  5. The student’s name will be struck off the school rolls if the fees are not paid for 2 months. Such students may be readmitted, solely at the discretion of the Principal, on payment of the arrears and the Re-admission fee Rs. 1000/-
  6. Fee is to be charged for 12 months. Students joining the school in June/July will pay two installments of fee i.e. from April to June and July to Sept. at the time of admission.
  7. Fees are to be paid quarterly i.e. by 10th of April, July, October and January.
  8. Parents are required to deposite the full dues in Bank. Parent/Student who deposits partial amount will be fines Rs. 100/- as departmental expenses alongwith the requisite fine.
  9. Fee for the whole year can be deposited in advance.
  10. Do not remove the slips from the Fee Bok and present the whole book while making the payment. all remaining Payin-Slips are to be produces at the time of each payment together with the reciept of the previous payments.
  11. Lost Fee Book will be replaced by the School on payment of Rs. 50/-
  12. Fees once deposited will not be refunded.

Note: The Principal reserves the right to add, delete or change any or all conditions / rules / information mentioned without prior notice.

Scholarship and Fees Concession

S.D. Education Board awards three scholarships to the meritorious and deserving students every year. Pt. Mohan Lal Hira Devi Charitable Trustawards scholarship of Rs. 2000/- each to meritorious and deserving student. 25 Scholarships pd Rs. 2000/- each from Students Welfare Fund are also given to the deserving students.

Scholarship and Fees Concession are provided to:

  • Meritorious Students
  • Students excelling in Sports
  • Students belonging to EWS (Economic Weaker Section)

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