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All work and no play, makes jack a dull boy co-curricular activities and cultural activities are an integral part of any educational organization. It is a matter of pride that we are second to none in these activities. Round the year, the school is buzzing with life due to an endless in buzzing with life due to an endless chain of school level, inter-school zonal and state level completions. We catch the talented young, so primary school students are trained for a variety of activities to boost their morale and generate conference in them. It is immensely admirable.

Students participate in these programs with great enthusiasm.

Organizing fresher’s party, farewell party and teacher day are regular feature of the school. School inculcates cultural, social and religious values and sentiments in students through the celebrations of festivals like Shri Krishan Janamashtami, Lohri, Diwali etc.

To generate a sense of duty towards the society the school has been successfully managing two limits of NSS. Each limit comprises of 100 students who work under the guidance of the Mr. Jayant Kumar and Mr. V.S. Pathania.
Variety is the spice of life – we value this maxim. To get the students refreshed and recharged out of the monotonous schooling visits to fun parts, educational tones and moves are planned. Students are taken out to beautiful tourist resorts in vacation. These types of gestures on the part of school management make the students step on a pedestal that prepares them not only for school life but for the actual settle of life, in later years. To arouse patriotic feelings and zeal all important national days are celebrated by the school. The participation of the students in these functions is also compulsory.

Co-curricular Activities:

An annual function is held to give expression to students’talent. Other functions are also held from time to time to celebrate special days and events. Debates, Declamations and Quiz programmes have been introduced into school curriculum to develop students’ confidence and personality.


Excursions are arranged separately for junior and senior students of the school under the supervision of teachers

School Magazine:

The school publishes its magazine annually to develop students’ creative abilities and writing skills. It highlights students’ achievements in all fields while giving the students an effective medium for self-expression.

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