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Computer Lab

The school has two air-conditioned computer labs to accommodate the junior and senior students. All the computers are connected in a Local Area Network using Windows 2000 & XP Peer-to-Peer Network topology. The hardware used in lab is scanners, and laser printers. The School also has a broadband internet connection. Computer education is compulsory for students from class-I to X. The students use Multimedia, CDs for all subjects. However Computer Science is an optional subject for the students of XI & XII classes.

The curriculum has been designed with an innovative approach so as to keep abreast with the latest technology.

Biology Lab

In a layman’s language, Biology is the study of life science. Our school also has a biology laboratory on the second floor of the school building. It is well equipped with latest equipment’s. It is airy, well-bot and ventilated. It has got plant and animal specimens for easy reference of the students.

It has a huge collection of permanent slides of plant and animal tissues. In the biology laboratory the students are encouraged to explore and discover the microscopic world with light microscopes with magnification ranging from ten times to forty five times.

With the presence of multimedia projector teaching practical’s through it very interesting. A life size human skeleton is also available to help the students understand the human anatomy in a better way. To further expand their horizons, we have an oil-emersion microscopy with magnification up to hundred times.

Mathematics Lab:

In order to make Mathematics more meaning full and interesting, we have a mathematical laboratory in the school which helps the students not only to learn mathematical concepts but also to understand them through different activities and projects.

The essence of the laboratory is :

I hear – > I forget
I see -> I remember
I do -> I understand

Keeping these facts in mind we have developed a well-equipped Maths lab to complement and supplement the subject matter through visual dimensions as well

Physics Lab:

The school has a well-equipped and grandiose Physics Laboratory on the top floor on the school building. It is so spacious that it can easily accommodate 50 students at a time. The students are generally divided into 2 groups. The teacher in-charge guides every student individually and personally.

To make the teaching of the subject more effective with a better understanding, there is ample demonstration material in the lab required for every class.

Chemistry Lab:

For a commoner, Chemistry is the study of chemical structures and behaviors of a particular substance. Our school has a well-equipped chemistry laboratory located on the second floor of the school building. Regular practical classes are held in small groups for students classes XI and also as well as for classes IX and X.

The laboratory has periodicals and chemicals for conducting experiments. An electronic weighing machine is also there in the laboratory. The laboratory is property ventilated and well bit.

The provisions of fire extinguishers are also there, in case of a mishap. A lab assistant is also there to help the students during their practical session. The experiments are conducted under the proper guidance and supervision of the teachers.


The school is proud to have a well-equipped air conditioned library which is an active learning and resource center for staff and students. It has a wide collection of general and reference books. At present more than a dozen newspapers and periodicals are being subscribed in order to keep the students updated.

The library offers students a quiet place to study and to work. In addition it provides students with access to recreational reading material.

The library maintains approximately 9000 books on Science, Social Science, IT, fiction and non-fiction including references and periodicals. Students and staff of the school use the library extensively. It is equipped with audio visual equipment and a collection of compact discs, music documentaries and slides.


To cater to the day to day needs of students, the school has a canteen, where variety of snacks are made available for the students.

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