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Facilities provided in the school are largely different from the academic facilities of classrooms, laboratories and computer-room found in a conventional school. A residential school entails the provision of various facilities for games and sports such as play fields and hard courts for all major and minor games and for other co-curricular activities like art and craft department, hobby centers.

It is essential to possess requisite infrastructure such as auditorium, dining hall, hospital, swimming pool, recreation room, etc. along with boarding facilities like hostel, laundry etc.

A famous adage advocates as follows: “The future of a country is made or unmade in its classrooms”… One can’t undermine the importance of classroom teaching vis-à-vis other activities but they definitely have a very important role to play. The ‘primary’ objective is to import high quality academic tutoring so that the pupils may perform well in the CBSE board exams at the conclusion of Secondary/Senior Secondary level of education and the secondary and tertiary aims are to involve the children in various activities other than long standing classroom teaching-learning process.

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